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To Go Cups

Order our signature pudding cups to go. Layered and prepared fresh the day of pick up and stored in the refrigerator until you arrive!

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Warm Apple Crumb Desserts at Khanisa’s
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Best Sellers

Banana Pudding

"Southern Classic"

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Bananas delicately sliced and layered with our signature vanilla pudding & wafer cookies create the classic everyone loves.

20 from 11am-4pm! Stop in and grab a Lar

"Peach Cobbler"

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Khanisa's signature vanilla pudding, wafer cookies, fresh baked peaches, w/ brown sugar crumble.


"Lovers Lane"

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Velvety banana & sweet strawberry join together in the perfect marriage to create this crowd favorite.


“I was working backstage at McDonalds GospelFest the artists wanted to know where did those banana pudding cups come from they were absolutely delicious”​


—  Lonnie Applewhite



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