Updated: Jul 6

What does it mean to be a “Restaurant Partner”??? Well, let us break it down to you.

We’ve created a signature dry mix product line that is absolutely delicious. Our products are not only delicious, but they are extremely easy to make. If you have a team in the kitchen or its just a one/two person show behind the scenes, our mixes simplify your process and gives you a final product that boasts five stars.

Check out some of our available dry mix products.

  • Brownie Mix

  • Hot Chocolate Mix

  • Waffle mix

  • Instant Vanilla Pudding Mix

  • Cookie Crumble Dessert Topping

*These Pantry items are available for shipping in the United States.

We are growing our brand and looking for restaurant partners to build with. If you own a restaurant, catering service, food truck, etc. and are interested in featuring one or more of our dry mix products in your establishment, email us at khanisaspudding@gmail.com.

We hope to hear from you soon & stay tuned for more delicious additions to our product line.

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